The Kangen water filter system concept

Water is essential for a variety of purposes. You need water for consumption, cooking, washing, and agricultural, cleaning, commercial, and industrial use. More than 70% of the planet is water, but an overwhelming majority of water (97%) is saline. Out of the remaining water, two-thirds are locked behind glaciers leaving us with 1% of fresh water for all the various uses mentioned above. Industrial and human wastes contaminate the ground water to a great extent. It becomes imperative to remove these impurities as quickly as possible. You have several water purifying systems out of which the Kangen water filter system is one.

Let us look at the concept of Kangen water and its benefits over a series of articles on the subject. The tap water we receive have a lot of natural salts in it. Of course, you require some salts in it, but the TDS should not cross the limits. It becomes dangerous for use when it does so. There are many water purifying methods like Reverse Osmosis, Ultra violet and ultra-filtration. You have machines that use various filters like sediment filters and activated carbon filters. All these filtration systems have their benefits and drawbacks. Similarly, the Kangen water filter system has its individual advantages.

Kangen water concept:

Kangen is a Japanese word that literally translates to ‘Return to Origin’. You can link it to body health in two ways. One is that the water returns to its original pure state like it was in the past when the levels of pollution was not to the extent it is today. The alternative meaning of this word is that the body returns to its original state of health before the effects of aging and disease had taken over.

How does this concept work?

This system works on the basis of electrolysis of water. The tap water comes into contact with medical grade titanium plates dipped in medical grade platinum. There is use of a powerful electrical transformer that charges the highly alkaline water and converts them in five different types of water. The pH value of the resultant water ranges from below 2.5 to more than 11. Thus you get water in the range from extremely acidic to the extremely alkaline.  

We shall look at the various kinds of water produced by the system and see its uses as well in some subsequent articles on the subject. The greatest advantage of using this water filter system is that there is no wastage of water that is normally associated with the RO and UV systems. Considering that there is acute consumable water shortage all over the world, this system is most beneficial.  

This is an advanced water filter system having sophisticated machinery. Naturally, the Kangen water machine price is high. However, commercial establishments and large residential colonies will definitely be able to afford the use of this machine.

This is one of the few machines that has the capacity of producing the purest form of water, that with pH level of 7. We shall look at this aspect as well in a subsequent blog.